Boxing Week Coupons from Point Zero

Boxing Week Coupons from Point Zero

Point Zero have a few Boxing week offers that we thought deserved a shout out. The first is a sale for 40% on all outerwear at their website, and to be honest, most of their stuff is outerwear, so there are lots of items to choose from.This by itself would be pretty decent. But they also have 2 coupons that can be stacked on top of this sale. So customers can get 40% off and then a healthy $25 or $75 off with the codes below, or alternatively you can find those along with other offers from Pointzero.ca here (including a couple of exclusive coupons only available to VC visitors). And the last deal is 80% off some of their boxer shorts.

Details: $25 off orders of $100+
Expires: 1st January, 2014
Visit Point Zero here
Details: $75 off orders of $200+
Expires: 1st January, 2014
Visit Point Zero here

the bay sheetsRemember that on orders over $75 you will qualify for free shipping.

I have seen a bunch of adverts for Point Zero over the last year and I heard that they have been working hard on their branding, trying to go a little more upmarket and appeal to a new demographic. I quite like the bommer jacket I put in the picture here, it’s called the Oxford Weave and retails at $215.

We were actually super surprised to learn that the sub brand Nicole Benisti is part of the company. They are more upmarket, using finer materials, and these really are something special. So if you’re female or shopping for one, I strongly advise looking at them–they only have 2 jackets for men and they are similar to the normal ones, not quite as revolutionary.

Say Yes To The Dress & Other Amazing Spring Specials at Point Zero

Point Zero Spring Specials

The actual arrival of spring in Canada, even after massive snowstorms in some parts throughout the month of April, is triggering even more sales and discounts from popular brands. Until the end of April and in some cases, beginning of May 2013, save up to 30% off on spring collections on orders of $100 or more at Point Zero. Keep reading to find out how you can also save up to $15 on tees, dresses, denim and sweaters.

Details: Get 30% off spring collections on orders of $100+
Expires: 30h April, 2013
Visit Point Zero here

Beaded Empire DressWith shows such as TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress, which have definitely raised awareness for the different kinds of dresses there are and most importantly, the names associated with each one, I’m positive that most have heard of the empire dress.

Defined by a raised waistline that sits just below the bust, from which the rest of the dress flows down, an empire dress is definitely one of the best dress styles for summer, an ideal example of this is the beaded empire dress featured on the left. Priced at $85, if you add anything else to your order and it comes up to $100, be sure to use the code above to save 30% off your purchase.

Otherwise, visit our Point Zero coupons page for a code to save $15 off dresses, along with promotional codes to save on tees, denim and even sweaters.

Twill Stretch Chino PantsIf none of the spring discounts apply to the item(s) you have selected, be sure to use our VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive to save 10% off any first purchase made at Point Zero. For instance, you could use it to get the twill stretch chino pants in black for the reduced price of $53.10. Although the boots are not included, these types of pants are actually all the rage at the moment and even better is that it’s an evergreen type of style.

Let us know on Facebook your favorite spring styles at Point Zero.