Save More and Play More; Get up to $10 Credit at the Playstation Store

It seems that PlayStation is still reeling after the epic service outage in 2011 and they seem to be offering more deals than usual within the last year. I was heavily into Call of Duty at the time of the outage and I wasn’t pleased at all that my fine-tuning headshots and upping my KD ratio had to be put aside. Even scouring the PlayStation store for the latest demos had to wait.

New players and players that have resorted to use a different console will both appreciate the following offer: you can get up to $10 in credits to the PlayStation store when buying select games for pre-order. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but the credits can be used toward anything available in the store. From themes or add-ons for other games. The selection of games for pre-order is:

Die-hard multiplayer fans are going to cheer and fist pump for Counter Strike. I never got into it, but I know plenty that did. The other ones are more low key.

Here’s how the credits work: Buy any 2 games and get a $3 credit, buy any 3 games and get a $6 credit or buy any 4 games and get a $10 credit. You have to be a registered user, but it’s free and takes no time to set up. The code will be sent to your account no later than September 7th with instructions and expiry dates. This promo ends on August 24th 2012.

At the same time, you’ll also receive 20% off each game plus a bonus XMB theme. I’ve switched over to the dark side within the last year–meaning Xbox360–but we still have a PS3 in our household that gets used quite often. Who knows, I might pick it up again just to start camping and throwing grenades in Counter Strike!

Little Big Planet free Costume

The Sony Playstation store are giving away a free costume for Little Big Planet when you use our voucher code, you can see the cool costumes below.

Little Big Planet free Costume

Description: Get a free costume for your Little Big Planet character.
Activate: Sony Playstation voucher
Number: “KPIJ-FPBT-EH8M” (this code may change but it is still accessible when you use the link above)

T&C’s: To download the LittleBigPlanet™: Norse Mythology Pack from the PlayStation Network:

1. Open a Master Account on the PlayStation®Network (or use an existing Master Account).
2. From the PlayStation®Network icon on the XMB (XrossMediaBar), select “Account Manager.”
3. Enter “Transaction Management.”
4. Select “Redeem PlayStation®Network card or Promotional Code.”
5. Enter voucher code. Please note that the voucher code is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as displayed.
Once the voucher code has been correctly entered, click “continue.” After you accept the terms, you will be taken to the download screen.