Fill Your Bag and Get 20% Off Everything Inside of it at Pj’s Pets

Pj'S Pets Bag Event

If you haven’t jumped on it yet, then here’s your chance to pick up some reusable bags and get some discounts at the same time. For a limited time at Pj’s Pets locations, buy one of their nifty reusable bags, fill it and you’ll get 20% off everything inside of it.

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Expires: August 30th 2012

Happy Puppy The bag itself is $1.99, but can be obviously reused for anything, including grocery shopping.
There’s a limit of one bag per customer, so recruit friends and call in favors if you’d like more than one. The items have to fit in the bag to be eligible for the discount and it doesn’t apply on gift cards (that would be awesome), feeders, fish or live animals.

Here’s a tip; don’t forget to sign up for their frequent buyer program and find out how you can get a bag of food for free!