Free Food From Pizza Pizza for You and Your Kids

It’s not often that deals like this come around but, when they do, they are awesome. For a limited time, there are multiple ways available for you and your kids to get free pizza from Pizza Pizza. Both ways take virtually no effort and are super simple to do; you just need to fill out a form and you’ll be on your way to cheesy goodness. Everyone needs a slice of pizza pie every once in a while.

The first offer involves a receipt from your last visit–if you have one of course. On the bottom of it, there will be details about where you can complete a survey dealing with your experience. Once completed, you’ll get a free menu item which you can redeem when you spend $10 or more. Please note that you must complete the survey within 3 days of your visit, but the free menu item is valid for 30 days after. Maybe a pizza with a side of apple pie?

The second offer is for the munchkins; sign them up for the kids club and they’ll get one slice of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza as well as a 355ml can of pop or 250ml of milk or a 500ml bottle of water. It’s only available in Ontario and Quebec and for walk-in orders. You must enroll your child by the 15th of the month prior to their birthday to ensure they receive a birthday card this year.

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