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Preserving pictures is just as important as taking them. Picaboo simplifies the process with quality products and an easy to use online interface to help showcase your finest memories and for a limited time, you can save 20% on a range of merchandise.

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Available in hardcover or softcover, Picaboo’s classic photo books are the perfect way to record life’s more important moments. For expecting parents, pictures can be taken on a weekly basis of the growing baby bump, along with notes and mementos to the child for when he or she gets older.

Imagine telling your child later on: “hey, you’ve been to Cuba — only thing is that you were in mommy’s belly at the time.”

Whichever way you choose to use the photo book, whether for a baby shower, a wedding, or perhaps to record your child’s first years, it’s sure to become one of the family’s treasures.

And the best part? Picaboo Desktop, a free application for both PC and Mac’s, makes it absolutely easy to create your very own treasures.

Picaboo Desktop Layout

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BOGO at Picaboo; Get a bonus Classic Photo Book or Calendar for Free

We all know at least one person like this; that one relative or friend that either has everything or you have no idea what to get them — at all — or they are a combination of both. They are always a pain to shop for and leave you scratching your head longer then you’d like. Try thinking out of the box: Get them a Photo book or Calendar from Picaboo. It’ll give you the chances to unleash your creative juices plus there’s a great buy one, get one free deal going on right now.

I savor the idea of being unique and out of the ordinary, and the idea of gifting a calendar is slowly appealing to me. By making one and purchasing one now, I can avoid the headaches at Christmas and be well prepared. The idea of getting two of them is a huge bonus, of course. On top of that, making a photo book is a timeless way to capture memories and their software is amazing; it allows you to fully customize your purchase and edit all its details.

I have yet to purchase anything from Picaboo. What are your opinions, frugal-friends?

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Picaboo Canada Coupons and User Guide

Picaboo Canada

What a beautiful little online Canadian store. You can make the most charming photo books, cards or ‘digital albums’ at Picaboo Canada (click here to go to the Picaboo Canada coupons section). You can download their photo management software for free (with our coupon) to start displaying your digital photos in a fun way and share with your friends. You have complete control over nearly everything, from the size of your photo album to the background and the photo layouts, you can even resize images to fit as many as you want on a page. Once you have finished you can then get it printed! This is just screaming as the best personalized gift you can get, from a baby photo album to weddings this is a must see for anyone into photos. Picaboo’s software is quite revolutionary, I couldn’t find anyone that did nearly as good a job (in my opinion), one of the main points to consider here, is that you can create and send a digital version of your photobook for free to your friends and family or whoever. Go to our Picaboo user guide on how to make your own photobook.

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1. Get your Picaboo free download of the easy to use Picaboo Canada and U.S Software.

2. Get Air shipping to Canada and UPS ground shipping in the US with online orders of Photobook or cards at Picaboo. Redeem.

How to use Picaboo’s photobook software

Not quite seconds as Picaboo advertise, but it didn’t take long when I took a tour of their photobook software (yes I had a go because it’s my mother’s birthday coming up and I wanted to give her something a little different and a little special).

Picaboo step 1

Step 1: So the first step is to download their software, not hard huh? It took me 34 seconds (I have quite fast internet though)

Picaboo step 2

Step 2: Once the software has downloaded you need to click on the button that says create book, this will start the software and allow you to start customizing your photobook.

Picaboo step 3

Step 3: Now you have the option of choosing a preset theme or creating your own one from scratch, now I would recommend those of you who have a little patience to make your own theme, but if you lack the time there are some really nice ones to choose from.

Picaboo step 4

Step 4: Again, you have the choice of customizing the photo page selection (i.e. where you place the pictures on the page), you can choose automate or ‘do it yourself’.

Picaboo step 5

Step 5: You can select individual photos by clicking the box or you can import an entire album to add to your photobook. I would recommend sorting which photos you want before you get to this step as it takes a while and in my opinion it is the most important step.

Picaboo step 7

Step 7: Picaboo can help you here with a quick list of ways to display your photos (mostly collage collection styles), you just drag and drop the style you want and choose the pictures to fit the blanks.

Picaboo step 8

Step 8: You have now finished your photobook and can share it with as many people as you like; you even have the option of sending them a personalized email to your photo album.