P&G Brandsampler

New Freebies with P&G Brandsampler

One of our favourite free samples offer is back. P&G Brandsampler is now available with a whole new bunch of free product samples. The freebies can be different from one person to the other, so I’m not sure exactly what you could get this time but trust me it will be something useful. Procter and Gamble are not cheap so they normally send about 3-4 samples at the same time. Nice, isn’t it? Hurry up if you want to get yours!

Remember that you will need to become of P&G Brandsampler member to claim the freebies.

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P&G Brandsampler: New Freebies!

P&G BrandsamplerThere are some new P&G samples available for their latest P&G Brandsampler promotion. This time they have Iams Dog and Cat food, Oral-B and Crest Sample Bundle, Febreze Noticeables, Cascade All-in-1 ActionPacs, Olay 2-in-1 Facial Cloths and a lot more freebies. As usual you need to register to Brandsampler if you still haven’t done it, answer a few questions and then simply fill in your personal information. It’s pretty easy and quick and it will get you a bunch of free items that are super useful! You won’t waste your precious time.

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The P&G Brandsampler seems to be unavailable for all Quebec residents now. It used to be different as I ordered all of the previous P&G freebies! I’m really disappointed by that policy change and I don’t understand why they’ve taken such a decision. On their website it says that as the website is not available in french, Quebec residents cannot participate in that promotion. But what if we speak English?!? But I’m sure that a lot of people from Quebec probably don’t care about the french version and wouldn’t have used it anyway.