Treat Your Kitty to a Free Can of Royal Canin

As the proud owner of two lovely kitties, I can say with confidence that having cats (especially multiple) isn’t cheap! From the food to the litter, the toys and sometimes even medical expenses — it can all have significant weight on one’s budget.

This is exactly what makes Royal Canin’s coupon so awesome: by simply going to their facebook page, you can get a free can of Royal Canin, choosing from 6 different flavours.

On top of being incredibly healthy, it will also improve your cat’s coat and best of all, cats absolutely love the taste of it! Do keep in mind that it actually is recommended to give cats wet food on a daily basis to make sure they stay hydrated.

Royal Canin Cans

What about you? Do you feed your cat(s) wet food?

Enjoy a fee can of any Royal Canin cat food.

Treat Your Kitty to a Delicious Meal with a Free Meow Mix Paté Topper

Featuring rich paté and shreds of real seafood or poultry, even the fussiest of kitty cats is guaranteed to love Meow Mix’s Paté Topper.

Personally, my cats go absolutely insane as soon as they hear the crinkling sound of Meow Mix’s treats and I am absolutely certain that yours will love the toppers.

According to their website’s description:

Give your cat the perfect mix of ingredients, tastes and textures they crave with Meow Mix® Paté Toppers™ wet cat food. Real seafood, poultry or meat blended with gravy into a rich paté and topped with bite-sized morsels of real seafood or poultry. Just peel the lid and watch your cat meet the meal of his dreams.

The only problem is that once your cat hears the sound of the lid peeling, the connection between it and the meal of his dreams will forever be imprinted in his brain. Peel at your own risk!

Claim your free sample of Paté Topper by liking Meow Mix’s Facebook page.

Protect your Four-Legged Friend from Ticks and Fleas Thanks to up to 50% off at Petcarerx

Up to 50% off at Petcarerx

Pet owners, it’s time to protect your favorite four-legged friend against the harms of summer! Fleas, ticks and heartworms are coming out to play and they have their sights on your furry companion. Take aim against them thanks to the superpowers at Petcarerx and save up to 50% off these medications for a limited time. We also have a bonus 15% off code to save even more on your quest to vanquish these evil bringers of doom.

Speaking of superpowers, did you know that Chuck Norris once shot a flea through the heart with a .44 Magnum? True story.

Details: Save 15% off on Flea & Tick and Heartworm Medication
Expires: 31st March, 2013
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Make sure to take the Petcarerx offer page into battle with you as a trusty sidekick. Petcarerx Item

Growing up, we always had dogs in my household and this time of year was always associated with the start of flea medication. While fleas are more common in dogs, it can also affect cats and other animals.

The Advantage II Plus treatment is one that we have used on multiple occasions because of its effectiveness in preventing fleas and ticks. They come in different doses depending on the size of the dog and it is also waterproof, meaning that your pet can still enjoy getting into everything and anything.

Prescription medication can’t be shipped to Canada, but anything that doesn’t require a prescription can be shipped to our glorious and native land! Let us know what you use to fight against fleas in the comment box below.

Keep Your Pet Entertained For Hours with PetCareRx – Save 10% Off Discounted Pet Supplies

PetCareRx Save 10% Off Discounted Items

Do you have a pet (or even several) that could use some lovin’ this winter? Groom them with the best products or delight them with entertaining toys while saving 10% on already discounted pet supplies and check out our PetCareRx coupon page for even more savings.

With shipping being free on orders of $49+, there’s no reason not to load up on toys for your pets. Just keep in mind that PetCareRx only ships foods and medication to the states.

Details: Get 10% off discounted pet supplies.
Expires: 27th December, 2012
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Classic Kong Chew ToyMaking the compelling argument that dogs need fetch, just like humans need coffee, PetCareRx is offering this Kong Classic Dog Toy. Made out of durable rubber, it’s the perfect toy to keep your furry loved one entertained and fed for hours since it can be filled with a treat. Don’t worry, only a little bit comes out at a time. Best of all, if your pet has an annoying habit of chewing on slippers or furniture, this might just provide the perfect distraction and keep your belongings intact.

Groom 'n CombFor cat-lovers out there, have you ever bought a brush for your cat(s) with the intention of using it every day, only to forget about it after a week? I’ll admit that it has definitely happened to me and to solve this little problem and keep my pets happy, I have purchased this Groom ‘n Comb self-grooming aid for cats, which works like a charm. Though it comes with sticky tape, I suggest nailing it to the wall to make sure that it really stays on. By giving them the independence to brush themselves, it’s especially great for cats who don’t particularly enjoy being handled much.

How will you spoil your pet before 2013?

Shop the End of Season Overstock Sale at and Save up to 40% off overstock sale

Are you a loyal shopper of In fact, do you love saving money in general on everyday items? This brand is deepening their discounts even more and throwing a gigantic end of season overstock sale with hundreds of items that have been discounted up to 40% off. Sadly, none of the codes listed on our page work with this promotion.

Shop the Overstock sale here
Expires: 21st October, 2012

Items range from baby products, beauty and health to animal products. Virtual storeYou can even find food items like Tassimo discs and granola bars. Don’t forget that you can also pick up some free samples depending on what your order total is.

Did you know that in April, 2012, had a virtual store located in Toronto? It was only open for a month but allowed clients to buy via QR codes and have it shipped for free to their house. That’s a neat idea don’t you agree?

Shop at Petsmart and Get 15% Off when you Spend $60 or More

15% off at Petsmart

When you have pets, it’s not always easy to save money when it comes to food and toys for them, so it’s easy to miss out on some of the great savings. I try to keep an eye out for all the pet-related deals in Canada and I have discovered one for all the pet lovers out there! Petsmart is throwing a friend’s and family sale where you can save 15% off orders of $60 or more.

Details: 15% off orders of $60 or more
Expires: 23rd September, 2012
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Petsmart costume Besides stocking up on food and treats for your pets, there’s a multitude of other items that you save on. If I knew that my dog wouldn’t hate me for putting this police dog costume on her, I would buy it in a heartbeat at $19.99.

An object that I discovered while browsing was this hammock seat cover at $49.99. It attaches to the headrests on both the front and backseats; effectively covering the seat as well as the floor and acts as a barrier to the front seat. One of the problems I discovered with having my dog in the car with me–and I’m sure I’m not the only one–is that she has a tendency to either sniff around the floor and get stuck or she’s on a mission to get into the front with me, so this product can help with that.

You automatically get a 25% discount on this item so it’s $39.37; add another $20 (to reach the $60+ mark) in treats or toys to reward your dog and you’ll be able to save even more with the discount code.

Shipping is also $4.99 for orders over $49.

Try World’s Best Cat Litter for Free with This Mail-in Rebate

Feline friends make awesome companions–we have two here at Vouchercodes–and are just cute all around. But, let’s face it; their cat litter is a different story. World’s Best Cat Litter claims to eliminate odor and to simplify the messiest and smelliest part about owning a cat and, for a limited time, you can get a bag for free, so you can test their claim first hand without any cost.

There are multiple different kinds you can choose from; like clumping formula and one for multiple cats. This is a mail-in rebate that you get from the site and you need your receipt and the upc code from the bag.—so please don’t forget The rebate is only valid on 7 or 8 lb. (3.18 or 3.63 kg) bags only and can be found at places like PetSmart and Amazon. The price of it is $8.49 at PetSmart, so all in all not bad for a rebate!
If you want to thank us for this find there are multiple ways—you know how.

World's Best Cat Litter

Free Halo Animal Treats

Halo TreatsThis promo is available for redemption by Canadians and U.S residents only (I have to mention that because we get visitors from all over the world). The freebie is for a free bag of Halo pet treats (for cats or dogs). read their marketing blurb below for a bit on info on how they see themselves;

“Halo holistic natural dog food and natural cat food are made from real foods you can recognize. Their entire line, including treats, supplements and grooming supplies will help your pet be vibrant, happy and healthy — inside and out. Guaranteed.”

Simply subscribe to their online newsletter to get your coupon for a free bag of pet treats. You can actually print the coupons and if you are a really cheeky person you an print a few copies to get multiple bags of free treats.

Subscribe to the Halo newsletter for free pet treats