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Keep Your Pet Entertained For Hours with PetCareRx – Save 10% Off Discounted Pet Supplies

PetCareRx Save 10% Off Discounted Items

Do you have a pet (or even several) that could use some lovin’ this winter? Groom them with the best products or delight them with entertaining toys while saving 10% on already discounted pet supplies and check out our PetCareRx coupon page for even more savings.

With shipping being free on orders of $49+, there’s no reason not to load up on toys for your pets. Just keep in mind that PetCareRx only ships foods and medication to the states.

Details: Get 10% off discounted pet supplies.
Expires: 27th December, 2012
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Classic Kong Chew ToyMaking the compelling argument that dogs need fetch, just like humans need coffee, PetCareRx is offering this Kong Classic Dog Toy. Made out of durable rubber, it’s the perfect toy to keep your furry loved one entertained and fed for hours since it can be filled with a treat. Don’t worry, only a little bit comes out at a time. Best of all, if your pet has an annoying habit of chewing on slippers or furniture, this might just provide the perfect distraction and keep your belongings intact.

Groom 'n CombFor cat-lovers out there, have you ever bought a brush for your cat(s) with the intention of using it every day, only to forget about it after a week? I’ll admit that it has definitely happened to me and to solve this little problem and keep my pets happy, I have purchased this Groom ‘n Comb self-grooming aid for cats, which works like a charm. Though it comes with sticky tape, I suggest nailing it to the wall to make sure that it really stays on. By giving them the independence to brush themselves, it’s especially great for cats who don’t particularly enjoy being handled much.

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