Free OxiClean Powder, Spray or Gelstick

This is another mail in rebate. It seems that mail in rebates are becoming popular once again, shame that this popularity comes at the same time the Canadian postal service is winding down their operations. Today’s one if from Oxiclean. I use their powder to clean stains on my clothes in the washing, I found only rubbing it into the stain does any good, but it’s not too troublesome. I also discovered (through research) that it cleans my white grouting in the bathroom around the tiles very nicely (I let a little solution sit there for a while to really work the stains out), so there are probably lots of uses for stain removers.

Claimants have 3 choices of Oxiclean products; either the powder, spray or the gelstick. I would prefer the spray, but that’s because I’m lazy. But I have used the powder, and it lasts forever and a day. Note, please read the fine print of this offer, it looks like potentially you might have to buy 2 products to can claim the cost of only one of them back.

The mail in rebate allows up to $7.50 total to cover the cost of the Oxiclean item you buy as well as the expenses associated like taxes and postage. It’s valid through July 31st 2014 but you must send in the rebate form before October 31st, 2014 to receive your item for free.

Get your rebate form for a free OxiClean Spray or Gelstick