Visit the Ontario Science Center for Free on September 23rd 2012

It’s always a challenge to find fun and interesting, yet cheap things to do as a family. Take the kids out this Sunday, September 23rd 2012 and enjoy free admission to the Ontario science center. Ticket prices usually range from $13-22, depending on which age group you and your children fall under, so this is a huge offer! As a bonus, if you’d like to see the Imax Film Under the Sea, it is playing and tickets are only $9, no matter what your age is.

Click here to find out about the events happening that day.

There’s a bunch of different events and demonstrations going on as well that day. The one that intrigued me the most–even as a full grown adult–was where they dip mums (the flower) in liquid nitrogen and then shatter them into a thousand pieces with a flick of a finger. It’s to show how gases become fluids at extreme temperatures and the science behind it. There’s another one where you can dress up as your favorite mad scientist and take a photo to share with others!

Also, another bonus, the first 500 kids aged 3-12 will receive a free rock pencil at the Mastermind gift shop.