Man or Cake? Get a BOGO Coupon for Dr.Oetker’s Mug Cakes

In this age-old question, if you had the choice, which one would you pick: man or cake? Let your choice be known at Dr.Oetker in their “Man vs. Cake” challenge and you’ll be walking away with a free coupon for a buy one, get one free of their yummy mug cakes. Either way, your morning coffee mug is sure to be tasty.

They give you a selection of three random guys from your own Facebook friend’s list and you have to pick who would you prefer out of the two. There‚Äôs no wrong answer, but it’s good for a giggle. Like them on their Facebook page to get started.

Want more mug cake recipes? Check out 18 delicious mug recipes at Buzzfeed. The french toast one is actually super tasty.

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