Neutrogena Clinical

Want a Free Trial of Neutrogena Clinical? ~ Done

Neutrogena ClinicalThis promotion starts today! Yayy, I hear you say. This offer is for a free trial (indicative of a sample size, so not an amazing deal) of Neutrogena Clinical. One of these days we will get around to doing a review of LivingWell (you know the guys who advertise on TV, and of course the ones releasing the freebie) because there are some things we like (like the freebies) and some things we don’t (like their low quantity of freebies and their strange and somewhat selective range of coupons).

This coupon will run out of stock quick, so keep checking throughout today (May 3rd 2011), and when you see it on the page linked below then sign up to it quick or it will be gone. As with all LivingWell offers the page will be updated but the out of date offer will be listed instead which can be kind of confusing. There are only 10,000 freebies which will run out presumably by the end of day today.

I’m not going to go into any kind of detail as to what Neutrogena Clinical is, as I have never tried it myself. But it is meant to be a cream that tightens the skin to make for a more youthful look. I found a recent review at this store for makup which quite a few objective comments if you are interested.

Get your free trial offer of Neutrogena Clinical here

Free Neutrogena Clinical Sample

Neutrogena ClinicalDon’t rush, this promotion only starts tomorrow (January 11th 2011), so customers won’t be able to see it just yet. Once the promo goes live you will have to be quick, I believe there are only 20,000 free samples available. Historically the freebies go live at around 12pm EST but this may vary, so keep checking back on their website.

The freebie is for a free Neutrogena Clinical pack and it’s only available to Canadian residents.

Get your free Neutrogena Clinical Sample here