Netflix Free Phone App

NetflixCanadaNetflix Canada has released a free application for Iphone/Ipod Touch/Ipad that allows you to watch instantly movies and TV shows on your Ipod through your Netflix account. It means that for only $7.99 per month you can have unlimited TV episodes and movies on your Iphone or Ipod, your TV and your computer. You just need to download the application from the Apple store and to subscribe to the Netflix service, then you’re ready to watch everything that you want.

And you can now use your PS3, your Wii and soon your XBOX 360 in order to watch the movies on your TV. To me this sounds like a really good offer for only $7.99 per month. Register to the 1 month free trial if you’re still not convince about Netflix subscription services.

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Netflix Canada Launching

NetflixCanadaWe talked about it last week, but it has now arrived! Netflix Canada is now up and running and we have for you the best discounts for this subscription service. If you’re still not sure or convinced about their services, well just use our coupon for a 1 month free trial to convince yourself. Then enjoy unlimited movies and TV episodes on your TV and/or computer. We also found out that there is a free application in the Apple store for your Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch so that you can watch movies from this service directly on it!

If you’re already a subscriber to this service, let us know so we can have your comments. It would be really good to know what their actual or new customers (apart from the ones in the commercial of course) really think.

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