Nestle baby program

Join the Nestle Baby Program and Get Freebies

I’m reposting this for new eyes as one of my friends recently had a baby and was checking our site for baby related goodies and didn’t see this offer which is still valid (it’s been valid for years, let’s hope it stays that way). So here’s a quick post to tell you how you could get freebies from Nestle Canada. The program will help you to get the following: coupons and samples, the ‘nestle Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’ baby feeding guide, diaper bag with change pad, a sample of infant formula (milk based or a soy based) and customized emails with tips, tools and videos.

If you’re interested in signing up to the program, it takes around 5 minutes, simply use the below link. This really is a good tool to save money as a mom/dad and enjoy some freebies without even having to order them.

Sign up to the Nestle Baby program here

Are you enrolled into the program? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts about the Nestle Baby program here. From feedback the pack usually takes quite some time to arrive, maybe a month or more, so plan ahead.