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While hanging pictures along the hallway or on top of the mantle are all picture-perfect places to commemorate your family’s best moments, photo books are even better for this purpose. These can easily be browsed through in private or even handed off for guests to discover while the hosts are putting the finishing touches on dinner.

Just in time for Father’s Day next week on June 16th 2013, create a photo book for your father and save 70%! Alternatively, we also have a code to save 25% on cards, stationary, canvas prints, photo calendars and more for either the dad or the grad in your life — or both!

Details: Enjoy up to 70% off
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When it comes to Father’s Day, even the most un-sentimentalist of dads will most likely appreciate the effort behind a photo book, which can be customized with any text, sizes, colors, images, etc.

Dad Photo Book

If you order by June 10th 2013, you can even save 70% and get extra pages, perfect for adding even more memories!

Personalized StationaryAs grads prepare for the next chapter in their life, so begins the tedious task of sending resumes and the waiting for an opportunity.

Get the grad in your life personalized stationary to really commemorate the transition and use the coupon code located on our My Publisher page of promotions to save 25%.

Tweet us @CouponsCanada if you plan on making a photo book for your dad!

Print Your Memories with a MyPublisher Photo Book and Enjoy 2 Free Copies

MyPublisher 3 for 1 Photo Book Deal

Memories need to be cherished, especially considering that the details we think we will remember, we oftentimes don’t remember at all unless they have been captured on camera. For a limited time, purchase a photo book and receive 2 additional free copies at My Publisher.

Let us know on Facebook which memories you would want to showcase in a photo book.
Is it a baby’s first years or perhaps a vacation you plan on taking?

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For even more savings, visit our MyPublisher store page for a coupon code to save 70% off on classic and deluxe photo books, including free extra pages.

Potential photo book inspiration could include showcasing a loved one’s evolution as an artist. From the early years:

Artist Photo Book

Until their current stage in life. The opportunities are truly endless, especially with the help of MyPublisher’s Get Inspired tab, which features the obvious ones like a wedding, along with “The Book of Love: A Tribute to the Bride” from her childhood to meeting the love of her life.

Even more creatively, inspiration can be had from “Mamapapabubba’s Alphabet Photo Book“, where a picture of the child is taken next to objects starting with each letter of the alphabet: B is for balloon, R is for reading etc.

Among MyPublisher’s coolest features is the lay flat option:

Flat Photo Book

While it may look like an ordinary book at first glance, look closer and you will notice that the pages are completely flat, instead of curling up as pages like a regular book would. The biggest advantage of this neat feature is that each page remains intact without any wear and tear from trying to see the details towards the middle of the book.

Keep in mind that certain shipping and duty fees may apply, so be sure to double-check before ordering to avoid any surprise fees.

Keep it Simple with up to 50% off at MyPublisher

Up to 50% off at Mypublisher

Compile all your photos into one central location with the help of an original photo book. Not only are these great for giving as gifts, but they can also be kept as keepsakes to treasure for years to come.
Keep it both simple and frugal with this offer for up to 50% off photo books and canvas prints available on our MyPublisher coupon page.

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Mypublisher Item Did you know that February 16th is also the birthday of rapper/SVU star Ice-T as well as the day that the NHL officially cancelled the 2004-2005 hockey season? Those were dark times, weren’t they?

If you know someone who reveres this rapper, a couple of pictures can be collected and then gifted in the form of a photo book. Likewise, you can even celebrate your favorite hockey team by printing out canvas prints and hanging them on the wall.

Since shipping varies per order, be sure to check before completing the transaction.

Capture the Moment and Save Up to 60% off at MyPublisher

Save up to 60% off at MyPublisher

Unique gifts are the way to a girl or guy’s heart and there’s no better way to do it than by celebrating them this Valentine’s Day! Check out what our MyPublisher coupon page is serving up to help with your romantic endeavors. For a limited time, save up to 60% off on photo books and canvas prints.

The savings — they are crazy I tell ya!

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MyPublisher ItemSave money by avoiding that bulk container of sparkles to turn yourself into Edward Cullen from Twilight and purchase instead a romantic book full of pictures of the famous vampire for the woman of your dreams! Personally, I would much prefer Angel from the Buffyverse, but that’s just me.

If you want to break it down into some easy math, check this out:

  • Spend $50 and you’ll save $12.50 off your order
  • Spend $100 and you’ll save $50 off your order
  • Spend $200 and you’ll save $120 off your order

If you’ve been gearing up to do something big and extravagant, aim for the higher packages and get the even bigger rewards. Maybe this is the perfect time to pop the question?

What are you thinking of buying?

Buy One Photobook and Get Another One Free at MyPublisher

Buy One, get one free on photo books at MyPublisher

Halloween is a great opportunity to take incriminating photos of your children in embarrassing costumes. While your son may think it’s cute to dress up like a fairy princess when he’s young, he might be more than slightly embarrassed when he becomes a teen. Compile all these spooky shots in a photo book at Mypublisher and take advantage of buy one, get one free on photo books.

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If you haven’t used the software to design your masterpiece from MyPublisher yet, don’t worry; it’s pretty simple to figure out. Everything is customizable from the cover to the printing paper used and the placement of your images. They give you complete creative control of your book and the only limits are the ones set by your imagination.Photo book
Deals like this are ideal; not only do you get one you can keep close to your heart, but you get a second one to give away to relatives or friends. Pictures are a great way to capture any moment and placing them in a photo book is a fun and practical way to keep them all in one place.

Shipping rates vary, so make sure to check it out before you make an order.

Capture the Moment; Save up to 70% at MyPublisher

Carefully designing a photo book can be hard work; all the planning, the editing and the creative element that always evades most of us….it’s not easy. If you haven’t at least dabbled in the services offered at MyPublisher, you don’t know what you are missing out on! They provide a mostly stress-free alternative to making your very own photo book and they are helping you create memories for a lifetime. Why not make a book about your son or daughter and fill it full of embarrassing pictures of their youth so you can show their boyfriend/girlfriend? That will surely make a lasting impression on all parties involved.Cute Kid

For a limited time, you can procure your own tools of embarrassment (or fond memories, either or!) and save up to 70% off. Choose either a classic or deluxe photo book up to 100 pages. Both books usually only have 20 pages for free, with each extra page costing $0.99-$1.99 each. To give you an idea about how much you’ll be saving:

  • A classic photo book with 100 pages is valued at $115. With the code, it comes down to $35.
  • A deluxe photo book with 100 pages is valued at $230. With the code, it comes down to $70.

Even your little teenager that will blush when you show them your new method of torture will surely appreciate how much you saved. Don’t delay; this offer is done and dusted on July 23rd.

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Coupon: Save up to 70% on Classic Photo books and Deluxe Photo books up to 100 pages.