Coupon Codes – Expired!

moviepostershop.comWe’ve got a really good exclusive offer that will get you 20% off any purchase at This company has every poster that you might want to hang on your wall. Have a look at their website to find vintage posters, pulp posters, new release movie posters, TV shows posters and Broadway posters in Potterseveral sizes and styles. What I really love on their online store right now is their selection of Film Noir posters that are all really nice. Check it out and let us know what you think about it!

A little word about Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows – part 1 posters and the movie that is coming to theaters November 19th. Well first check this one I put on the blog, it’s just awesome I think. A lot darker then the previous movies, but a lot more action as well! I’m just so excited about this first movie of the last book that I just can’t wait to see that in 3D ;)
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