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More to Come from Harry Potter!

PottermoreThis is fantastic news for all the Harry Potter fans that can’t stop crying at night because this great adventure is now over. I need to confess that I’m among these fans ;) Indeed no more movies to come and no more books to be published, these are good reasons to feel sad. But J.K. Rowling is launching a great website called that I’m sure all the fans will deeply love! This is to keep the Harry Potter adventures alive and to give to fans a new online reading experience.

As J.K. Rowling says in her short explication video, this is Harry Potter’s story but with a new element: you! Not all the details about this great experience are available yet, but from what I’ve read the new story can now be built by the readers. And Pottermore is also going to be a place where users can share with other Harry Potter fans and where the author will release new information about Harry Potter. Seriously, new information? This is only getting better. Plus, for the first time, the electronic versions of the Harry Potter books are also going to be available online. A lot of people were probably also waiting on these releases.

I think this is awesome and I honestly can’t wait to participate in that exciting new online experience. The website is still under construction but it should normally be available in October. If you want to make sure that you’re not going to miss the launching of, you can use the below link and enter your email address so they’ll let you know as soon as the site is ready. I’m guessing this is probably going to increase the Pottermania!

Have a look at Pottermore