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Moores 50% Off Coupon


This post features a great Coupon to get 50 % off all suites at Moores. That’s right, for a limited time get a great rebate from this well known and respected chain. From November 14th through the 22nd of 2009 present the printable coupon below at any Moores store to get your discount.

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Moores has a price range for everybody, it’s a great place to get your first suit, get a tailored suit or even a tuxedo for a wedding or any other special event. Here’s a great deal for tux by the way: save $25 on shoes and a vest when you get a tuxedo rental package. Simply click here.

I know I always like to get well dressed for an interview, a nice dinner or simply a night out. Moores can also help the 30 years old teenagers out there. My brother should definitely go and check them out… More seriously, I know it’s tough when you get your first job out of school. It’s one thing having some nice clothing for special occasions, but when you start needing a suit for every day it kind of changes the game. That’s why this deal is a great opportunity to fill up your wardrobe.