Milk Factory 33% Off

Milk Factory
Milk Factory has just released a coupon code of 33% off quick wick products, accessories and more in celebration of their 6th anniversary. Even though it could be hard to guess from only with their name. This company sells kids & baby clothes, accessories and a few gift packs. Their prices are already reasonable, but they are even better with the coupon code we have available below for this 3 days sale.

Also they now have, until September 19th, a final clearance sale on quick wick where you can pay as low as $5 for a baby bodysuit or a kids tee. So, it’s definitely a good idea to have a look to their website.

Description: 33% Off any purchase (exceptions apply)
Expires: September 11th 2010

Milk Factory 50% off

Milk Factory

You might think that the would sell milk and you would be excused for being wrong, this Vancouver mommy startup company make kid proof clothing, as in durable children’s clothing that can stand the test of weather, spills and slips without stains, hard to believe I know, you should check them out their ‘gear’as they call it is quite wonderful and it’s a small Canadian company which is even better.

So if you have a little one that likes to get dirty (which I think is every kid on the planet) or you want to buy a gift for a kid then this Milk Factory promotion might be right up your street. It’s the companies 5th birthday and in celebration of this they are offering 50% off (before the 5th September) or 25% off (until September 30th) most items.

Getting your money off is easy simply enter the Milk Factory coupon code 5BDAY50% (before the 5th September) or HAPPY5TH (before September 30th)

The only drawback is that these coupons cannot be applied to the following products; SpillProof Blanket, Crawl. Walk. RUN. Pink Ribbon Tee, gift certificates, and gift packs. You cannot be cheeky with this one, you can’t use multiple codes or get the items marked as special.