Microsoft Internet Security Ebook

photoworks.comRight now you can download for free an ebook from Microsoft called “Own Your Space – Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online”. This is an ebook for teens, but in my opinion this is valid for anyone using the Internet. Especially as we put more and more of our personal information on the net, sometimes it could be quite scary. You can either download the digital book entirely or just the chapters that you’re interested in.

I’ve had a look at all of the different chapters available for download and they are really interesting and up to date with the latest technology. You have, for example, chapters about safe cyber shopping, hackers, private blogs, public spaces and a lot more. So have a look for yourself if you would like to learn more about internet security and feel more safe when you put personal information on the web.

Go to Microsoft Download Center

Free Microsoft Software

MicrosoftEven though I have everything apple I am begging to think Microsoft are actually more generous than apple. Take this freebie for example, it’s a Microsoft freebie for free Microsoft Money Sunset Editions.

They previously made this software and sold it at a price. But now they are giving them away to anyone for free. There will be no support for the software and they won’t be updating it or releasing new versions of this software (it obviously wasn’t a money earner for them). So this is the last full edition of their personal finance and small business finance software. The 2 different products/software available for free are; Money Plus Sunset Deluxe and Money Plus Sunset Home and Business.

So if you are need of some software to keep all the books in order whether it’s for a small company or for personal use you can now get free really decent software to help.

Download Money Plus Sunset Deluxe for free

Download Money Plus Sunset Home and Business for free

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Free

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

What a wonderful new freebie today. You can get a free (beta) release of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 as a download. We have no idea when this Microsoft promotion in Canada will end but these are the software products you get for free:

– Microsoft Word
– Microsoft Excel
– Microsoft PowerPoint
– Microsoft Access
– Microsoft Outlook
– And other lesser known Microsoft products.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 For Free Here

The download file is just under a gigabyte, so if you don’t have broadband internet do not attempt this it will take forever, on a 1 meg connection you will probably have to wait around 30 mins which isn’t bad. Then you get to enjoy Microsoft office for free, although as it is a beta version it might be a little buggy so watch out.