Treat Your Kitty to a Delicious Meal with a Free Meow Mix Paté Topper

Featuring rich paté and shreds of real seafood or poultry, even the fussiest of kitty cats is guaranteed to love Meow Mix’s Paté Topper.

Personally, my cats go absolutely insane as soon as they hear the crinkling sound of Meow Mix’s treats and I am absolutely certain that yours will love the toppers.

According to their website’s description:

Give your cat the perfect mix of ingredients, tastes and textures they crave with Meow Mix® Paté Toppers™ wet cat food. Real seafood, poultry or meat blended with gravy into a rich paté and topped with bite-sized morsels of real seafood or poultry. Just peel the lid and watch your cat meet the meal of his dreams.

The only problem is that once your cat hears the sound of the lid peeling, the connection between it and the meal of his dreams will forever be imprinted in his brain. Peel at your own risk!

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