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Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s: What Do you Think Canada?

Free WiFiCustomers can now enjoy free WIFI when eating at McDonald’s restaurants! I was really looking forward for this new service to be available in restaurants in Canada. I used McDo’s WIFI services a lot last year when I was travelling in Australia as it was already implemented there and I thought that it was something really helpful. I did have my iPod Touch on me all the time, so I was just stopping for a quick coffee or for a meal whenever I wanted to check my emails or something on the Internet.

That’s a really good marketing idea from McDonald’s restaurants to differentiate themselves from other fast-foods I think and I can’t wait for other fast-food restaurants to implement the same kind of services. When is Tim Horton’s going to do the same? I’m imagining that a lot of Canadians would be thrilled with that happening.

What do you think about that? Is it going to affect your choice of restaurant when you want to grab a coffee for example? I would really like to know what Canadians think about this.

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