Speed Up Your Website and Save 25% with the VC Exclusive at MaxCDN

MaxCDN VC Exclusive Save 25%

It has been proven that the faster a website loads, the higher the profits. Bottom line is that no one enjoys waiting and as a user’s attention span is rather low when it comes to waiting around on the web, then you need to make sure that your website is up to par with the competition. As always, here to help is an amazing Exclusive to save 25% off MaxCDN’s services, which are designed to speed up websites.

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Depending on your needs, MaxCDN offers 2 packages, which with the VC Exclusive come out to:

  • Starter: $29.96 for 1TB/year
  • Business: $59.25 for 1TB/month

Let’s say you’re shopping online and the site is taking too long to load when all you want to do is just finally get your order processed to make sure it arrives on time. It’s aggravating to have to wait isn’t it? In fact, the same applies if you have a simple website with perhaps a wordpress blog: users simply don’t want to wait and anyways they shouldn’t have to for a service that you’re offering (whether in the form of a business, a blog or anything else).

MaxCDN works by uploading your website’s data (images, style sheets, javascript files etc.) to servers located in key countries to ensure that when a user is visiting your website, the behind-the-scenes data is being loaded from a nearby server, thus ensuring a faster loading time.

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