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Free Marvel Comics Digital Edition Subscription

I still remember just over a year ago writing about Comic Book day, but I think this promotion is even better. All comic lovers without a doubt have heard of Marvel, even non fans have probably seen one of many movies made based on one of the comic book series. But some of you may not know that they now release a digital version of comics on their website, for a lot less than the hard copies. And to promote this Marvel are offering a one month subscription to marvel Digital Comics for free (usually a $9.99 value per month). Customers will have unrestricted comic access (i.e. unlimited), FYI; 8,000 digital comics that are added every week.

It takes a couple of minutes to fill out the subscription and the price drops to $0 after customers use our coupon code. It takes even less time if you are using the Google auto-fill plugin for browsers. There is no need to fill out the payment part of the subscription.

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