Marble Slab 20% Off Select Pre-Orders

marble slab 20 off coupon

This is the most interesting Marble Slab offer ever since their release of the ongoing free ice cream cone on your birthday promotion. This time around, the deal is a little different.

Customers can save 20% on online pre-orders of large and slab ice cream cakes, ice cream cup cakes and to go litre versions from Marble Slab Creamery in Canada. Enter the below promo code on the ordering page.

Details: Save 15% of when you spend $75 or more on select items
Must Pre-Order Before: 16th December, 2012
Must Pick up Order Between: December 6th, 2012 & January 5th, 2013
Visit Marble Slab here

I don’t have a store anywhere near I live, although I see them all the time traveling around Canada. To find out if there is a Marble Slab store near you click here.

Always eat in moderation. Which flavor did you pick?