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Marble Slab Loads of Printable Coupons….Yummy!

While it’s not quite the summery season of shorts, flip flops and a nice long walk with an ice cream in hand with shades on lazing around, it does seem to be the season of ice cream discounts. It’s the second one I’ve come across this week. We have posted about special offers from Marble Slab a few times before, and what’s interesting is that they don’t seem to repeat their offers, this one is entirely new to me (I believe). Customers searching for some of that cold creamy goodness, in the epic proportion scale might enjoy these printable coupons for Marble Slab to get multiple discounts.

As this is a printable, you will have to go to your local outlet, find the nearest one to you here. The closest one to me is absolutely miles away, so it isn’t much use to me, but I have already sent it to a couple of fiends, so I hope you get to enjoy what I cannot.

Here are a few of the discounts available: $8 for 2 cones, $5 off a layered ice cream cake, buy one cone and get the 2nd for .99c & buy 2 half litre tubs of ice cream for $10.

Details: 20% off online orders
Expires: 13th April, 2014
Visit Marble Slab here

Marble Slab 20% Off Select Pre-Orders

marble slab 20 off coupon

This is the most interesting Marble Slab offer ever since their release of the ongoing free ice cream cone on your birthday promotion. This time around, the deal is a little different.

Customers can save 20% on online pre-orders of large and slab ice cream cakes, ice cream cup cakes and to go litre versions from Marble Slab Creamery in Canada. Enter the below promo code on the ordering page.

Details: Save 15% of when you spend $75 or more on select items
Must Pre-Order Before: 16th December, 2012
Must Pick up Order Between: December 6th, 2012 & January 5th, 2013
Visit Marble Slab here

I don’t have a store anywhere near I live, although I see them all the time traveling around Canada. To find out if there is a Marble Slab store near you click here.

Always eat in moderation. Which flavor did you pick?

Visit Marble Slab and Get Free Cone Upgrades and More

Are you a Marble Slab fanatic? Are you entranced by their mixin’s and delicious flavors? Right now, they have partnered up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and are supporting them in a big, big way! They are selling paper cones in store for a $1 and all the proceeds go straight to the foundation. As a bonus, they also have two awesome printable coupons for a limited time.

The first printable coupon is for when you buy a medium or large ice cream or yogurt, you’ll get upgraded for free to a premium waffle cone. The second printable is a neat deal perfect for families: Enjoy 2 medium and 2 small ice cream cones and you’ll get them for only $15.

Both coupons are valid until September 3rd, as well as the donation drive for the program. I encourage you to support them in every way possible!

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Marble Slab: Buy one Medium Cone and get another for $0.99

I just found out this interesting fact, and I bet most of you didn’t know about it either: In 1984, Ronald Reagan announced that July would be National Ice Cream month. You probably don’t think that it can get any better than this, neither did I, but get a load of this: the third Sunday of July would be National Ice cream day. It doesn’t matter if it was proclaimed in the United States, it’s still recognized in Canada and July 15th is the official Ice Cream day. Take a break from the heat wave that most of us have been enduring and celebrate this incredible holiday with this printable coupon for Marble Slab!

In the CloudsUntil July 19th, when you buy a medium ice cream or yogurt with this coupon, you can get another one in a vanilla waffle cone with one mixing for just $0.99. There is a limit of one per customer and note that the cheaper of the two cones will be lowered to $0.99.

Marble Slab

$0.99 Ice Cream at Marble Slab: Limited Time Offer

To celebrate their landmark 25,000 fans on Facebook, Marble Slab have released a ‘Buy one get one for $0.99’ coupon that Canadians can print from their Facebook page. It is valid until tomorrow (27th June 2012), so print yours now because there are only 1,000 available.

I think that it would have been nice if they would have given 25,000 of them so that everyone who ‘liked’ them would have had the chance to get a coupon, but I imagine that it would have cost too much. So anyway, simply use the below link to access their Facebook page and print the coupon. Enjoy your ice cream!

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