Marble Slab freebie

Receive a Marble Slab Free Ice Cream Cone on your Birthday

This is a great offer from Marble Slab and the good news is: there is no expiration date for it. That’s right, you can now subscribe to the Marble Slab mail on their website and you will be entitled to a free ice cream cone with one “mix in” (that’s their terminology) served in a vanilla waffle cone. I hope they keep this offer going for all time.

The coupon will be sent to you on your birthday, so make sure you check your emails on your special day. This is a really nice offer especially if your birthday is still to come this summer. Unfortunately for me, my birthday is in January so I doubt I’m going to enjoy this one–no one in their right mid eats ice cream in January in Canada.

Subscribe to Marble Slab mail for a free ice cream.