LoyaltyTel Promo Code

LoyaltyTelLoyaltyTel has offered us a coupon for customers to get unlimited Canada/US calling for only $8.95.

From what I could tell LoyaltyTel is a provider of long distance calling or for people who make a lot of phone calls and need an unlimited service. This is a Canadian based online company with offices around the country too. Right now that’s out the way here’s the code.

~ The coupon or offer is no longer valid, please use the search feature at the top of this page to find new offers

These are some of the prices you can get with this promo code:

– LoyaltyTel Individual Plan: $8.95 (SAVE $1.00 / month)
– LoyaltyTel Bundles: 2 Plans $14.90 (SAVE $5.00 / month)
– 3 Plans $20.85 (SAVE $9.00/month)
– 4 Plans $23.80 (SAVE $16.00/month)

Features of LoyaltyTel:

– No contracts
– No set-up fees
– No hidden charges
– Convenient 5 minute online registration
– No access numbers to dial from your home phone, just dial as you normally would
– Their mobile plans can be used from ANY mobile phone
– SmartPhone users can call directly from your contacts list using their exclusive new App, SmartCall for SmartPhones™
– No change to your local phone service
– International Plans also available