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Enjoy 10% Off the London Pass (Limited Time Only)

10% Off the London Pass

To celebrate the New Year, the London Pass is now available for 10% cheaper with the sale they are running from Saturday 11th 2014 to Monday 13th January 2013. If you miss this date then we also grabbed a coupon from our dedicated page for the London Pass, I’ve put it below for convenience. Get your pass now and enjoy top activities in London without spending all your money on them.

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And for those who have already been to London, you sure know that spending money isn’t a hard thing to do because everything is so expensive.London

Just in case you’re preparing a little trip to London, here are a few interesting facts that I collected on Wikipedia:

  • It is the largest urban zone in the European Union
  • It is the first city to host the modern Summer Olympic Games 3 times
  • There are over 300 languages spoken in London boundaries
  • The population is 8,278,251
  • It has 43 universities which makes it the largest concentration of higher education in Europe
  • The London Underground (also known for its famous ‘Mind the Gap’) is the oldest metro in the world

Now is actually a good time to visit the city. As the country seems to be recovering from the economic recession at a good pace and the vibe in London right now is pretty positive. If you’re serious about this pass, then stop by our London Pass regular discounts page for more offers.