Choose Your Relief; Get $5 off Select Tylenol Products Thanks to Living Well

One of the most common staple items that inhabit a space in our medicine cabinets and in the women’s purses is a bottle of aspirin. It’s one of those things that we’re going to need at one point or another, so when there is an offer available on Aspirin savvy shoppers know to lap it up. For a limited time at, you can print out a $5 coupon for select Tylenol products and end those headaches today.

When you buy any Tylenol Extra Strength product, you can save $5 on any Tylenol muscle aches and body pain, back pain or body pain product of 40ct or higher. I have a friend who plays sports that uses the one for muscle aches and body pains; he takes two after each game and his pain is gone and he’s not as sore as he could be, so these things work.

Quebec residents get a $5.50 mail-in rebate for this product. It’s a shame that this promotion needs a purchase to qualify though, it would have been nice to get just a straight discount.

Tylenol Coupon
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Free Sample of Zantac Tablets

Free ZantacLiving Well is giving away today free samples of Zantac heatburn and acid indigestion tablets. Get yours right now as this kind of freebie normally go away really fast. And don’t hesitate to leave us a comment on this page if ever it says that the samples are not available anymore. I’ve never tried Zantac but I’m thinking that it could be a good idea to have a few tablets in my purse just in case.

Get you free Zantac samples here

It’s crazy how many freebies companies are giving away these days. Samples really are a good way to let people know about a new product so they can try it out and decide whether they like it or not. You can find a lot of freebies on the web but you can also get them at the exit of a metro station, at your local store, at an outdoor event, etc. I was in a music festival last weekend and I think I got something like 10 different samples and promotional products!

Claim Your Free Splenda Pack

SplendaDon’t try and get this promotion until Tuesday 8th March 2011, that’s when it becomes valid. They usually get the offer live on the site around mid-day and they go quick, so quick in fact that if you are reading this after the 8th of March don’t bother trying to claim the freebie. Livingwell really need to sort out how many samples they get, because at the moment their sample size is so small that only a few thousand can claim the freebies they get which is poor.

This sample size is a little bigger, Splenda have 15,000 free samples and will mail them to your house for free. I claimed this exact freebie nearly a year ago today and it was one of the better samples from LivingWell, the size of the freebie was half-decent and there were a few different flavours which I wasn’t expecting.

Free Splenda Coffee Sample Here

Free Neutrogena Hand Cream

Neutrogena Free Hand CreamI found you another freebie for hand cream, this time from Neutrogena. You don’t need to go to any stores to get it compared to the Aveda one, you just need to order it online from This is for the Norwegian formula that supposedly leaves dry hands softer and smoother after one application. I’ve never tried this hand lotion, but it’s a good time to try it out with this freebie. The sample requests that you fill in a simple and straight forward survey, so you won’t waste any minutes of your precious time ;). Simply click on our link below to order your Neutrogena sample and then wait a few weeks to receive it. When I wrote this post there were about 15890 samples left, which means that you might want to hurry up to order yours because this kind of freebie usually goes out of stock pretty rapidly.

Order your Free Neutrogena hand cream here

Free Nicorette Inhaler

Nicorette InhalerVisitors will have to wait until August 9th (Monday) to take advantage of this freebie. This livingwell freebie is for a free sample of Nicorette Inhaler. So for all those in need of quitting smoking this freebie might help, or at least you can rule it out as a quitting aid. They are limited to 4000 samples, but like all living well offers these samples will go quick. If you still see the Aveeno skin care offer then you are trying too early, check back a little later, just keep checking throughout Monday.

Get your free Nicorette Inhaler

Free Neutrogena Men’s Face Lotion

Neutrogena Men’s Face LotionIt’s that time again for another LivingWell freebie, this time it’s for Neutrogena Men’s Face Lotion. Remember their stocks are super low so it takes about 5 hours before they run out so hurry!

Claim your free Neutrogena Men’s Face Lotion

If you see Tylenol being offered then wait a little bit until the Neutrogena offer comes up (refresh every half an hour).

Free Tylenol Arthritis Relief

Tylenol Arthritis Relief

This freebie will not last long, but at some point today it will go live. The freebie is for Tylenol Arthritis Relief. If you are visiting this post after the 25th May I doubt you will be able to claim this Canadian freebie.

Click here to get your Tylenol free sample

If you see last week’s offer of Band aids then keep going back it will be live soon.