Lean Cuisine coupons

Free Lean Cuisine on Facebook

This is quite a cool freebie, even though it is only accessible through Facebook. ‘Like’ Lean Cuisine’s FB page and get a coupon for a free Lean Cuisine meal of your choice. Lean Cuisine meals are healthy frozen meals. I’m not a big fan of frozen meals but I think that it does the job once in a while if I really didn’t have the time to prepare lunch. But I rarely buy some as I prefer freshly prepared food.

When you ‘Like’ the Lean Cuisine Facebook page, you will also be entered to win $10,000 towards the trip of your dreams. There are also other prizes such as 2X reward points and $1000 Molly Maid gift cards. So this isn’t going to be a waste of your precious time :)

Go to the Lean Cuisine Facebook page