Free Lacoste Samples

Free Lacoste Samples

You can’t get better than free samples of perfume, you can conveniently take them with you in your bag and get to try out a new smell for a few days, in that spirit Lacoste Canada are giving away free samples of their 3 popular fragrances;

To order your free sample (no purchase or credit card necessary) go to Lacoste Perfumes Canada.

Lacoste Challenge

You get to choose between the below perfumes:

Men’s free sample:

– Lacoste Challenge

Women’s free sample:

– Lacoste Touch of Pink
– Lacoste Love of Pink

The process took me around 30 seconds, if you like freebies I highly recommend you download the Google toolbar, then you can enter your details into the Google auto fill plugin which allows you with one click of a button to enter your details into online forms, you will sometimes need to change or edit something but it is a great time saver.

Download the Google toolbar for Firefox here.
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