Krispy Kreme

Talk or Dress Like a Pirate For Free Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme

Words cannot even describe the amazingness behind Krispy Kreme’s one-day only promotion! Only on September 19th 2013, during their Talk Like A Pirate Day, you can get up to a dozen free doughnuts!
This is a great opportunity to treat all of your coworkers or perhaps even your family to a delicious dessert that is sure to have everyone raving for days!Krispy Kreme Talk Like A Pirate Day

To qualify, either:

  • Talk like a pirate for one free doughnut or
  • Dress like a pirate for a dozen free doughnuts.

It’s a shame that it’s not an all week kind of freebie but the chance at a free doughnut, even during one day, is still pretty awesome in our frugal books!

Visit Krispy Kreme’s website to find out more how to talk or dress like a pirate for free doughnuts.

Show up in Costume to Participating Krispy Kreme Restaurants and Get a Free Doughnut

When you plan your route to go trick or treating on Halloween, make sure it includes a small visit to your local participating Krispy Kreme location. If you show up in your costume, you’ll get a free spooky doughnut. You’re bound to scream for joy at these boo-tiful treats!

From scary witch to a treasure seeking pirate to a brain-hungry zombie, all costumes will get a free doughnut. Make sure to ask ahead of time if your store is a part of this event, so you don’t end up there and be disappointed!

Find a location near you here.