Kraft Canada: Send an Ecard and Donate $2 to Food Banks

Kraft Canada

I think that sometimes with all the crazy Holiday shopping we forget about what Christmas is really about: giving, helping and making people that we love truly happy. Well I found a nice promotion for you where by a simple click you can help people that really need it. Kraft foods Canada will donate $2 to Food Banks whenever we send an ecard, a recipe for joy, before December 31st. I am a big fan of this promotion as it takes 30 seconds to fill in the application and the ecard the person receives is a simple email where you get a book of 20 recipes. It’s not intrusive at all and it doesn’t look like spam.

So come on everyone, get on Kraft Canada’s website using our link below and send an ecard to someone so that Kraft will donate $2 to Food Banks Canada. This is a great service that everyone might need to use one day. Happy Holidays!

Send a Kraft Canada ecard