Kotex freebie

Freebie from Kotex; for Women Only

If I remember correctly, this is the 12th time that Kotex have offered this freebie for their U products. It looks like they are really trying to push this line of tampons and pads with all these freebie promotions. It’s a good thing for us because it means more free samples from Kotex. I didn’t have any trouble getting mine the last time I ordered them, so simply go online and fill in the sample request form.

The samples are available while quantities last. Last time there were 25,000 samples available so I doubt the promotion is going to last forever–even though there is no documentation about dates on their website. Hurry up if you want to order yours.

These are the freebies you can choose from:
– U By Kotex Cleanwear Pads
– U By Kotex Extra Maxi Pads
– U By Kotex Sleek Tampons
– U By Kotex Click Tampons

Get your freebie from Kotex