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30% off select books at Kobobooks Canada

The weekend has arrived and there’s no better time to kick back and relax while we have the chance. Why not dive into a new book and get lost among its pages? Kobobooks Canada clearly thinks that you should do this and is currently offering 30% off on select titles that are too good to miss.

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A truly Canadian non-fiction book that looks like a good read is Mike Babcock’s Leave No Doubt: A Credo for Chasing Your Dreams. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the current coach of the Detroit Red Wings and is the only coach in history to have led teams to victories in the Stanley Cup, the World Championship, and the Olympic Games.

The story talks about his achievements and the road to gold as well as the many obstacles met along the way. It provides insight into the mental preparation involved when it comes to preparing for such crucial games and how to motivate your team around you; be it a hockey team or just your every day group. Currently priced at $12.71, this book drops down to $8.90 after the rebate.

I currently love my Kobo eReader and I can’t get enough of it! What do you think of your eReader?

Great Reads For Just $4.99! Save Up to 70% Off at Kobo

Kobo 70% Off

Summer isn’t over yet! Add a couple more books to your reading list and save up to 70% off select eBooks at Kobobooks this week-end. With books to be had for just $4.99, there’s definitely something for everyone!

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The Year of the FloodAs one of Canada’s greatest writers, Margaret Atwood has and continues to inspire many with her poignant tales, which she encapsulates in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction alike. Her most recent book, The Year of the Flood, has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best books of the year by big names in the industry such as The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, The New Yorker and others. The story focuses on two women who have survived a man-made epidemic that has destroyed human life.

Armstrong's ThirteenIn contrast, Thirteen: A Women of the Otherworld Novel is another read that might interest many, especially in the wake of the Twilight and True Blood obsession. As the last and thirteenth book in a long series entitled The Women of the Otherworld penned by Kelley Armstrong, the book promises countless unexpected twists and turns as witches, sorcerers, vampires and other mythical creatures struggle to fit in within modern society.

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Have you managed to get your hands on a Kobo eReader? I’ve been a firm believer in this device ever since I picked up one myself a few months back and haven’t looked back. Many of your favorite books are actually cheaper as a digital version versus their hard cover or paperback formats. To help you save even more, we’ve teamed up with Kobobooks to provide you a true Vouchercodes.ca exclusive code : enjoy 30% off select bestsellers.

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Fans of The Oatmeal should welcome the book, How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You, into their book collection with open arms. A satirical look is used to break down everything your feline friend does and how they are truly discovering your weak points and not just showing affection. For only $5.39 after the rebate, it will provide you laughter for many years to come.

A book that sparked my interest (and I hope yours as well) is My Horizontal Life, A Collection of One Night Stands for $6.58 with the discount. It dives into the interesting tales of what happens when a man and a woman leave a bar together after a few too many drinks. It’s filled with humor and shows a brighter side to those one night stands.

Let me know what book you would buy from the selection!

Grab an Indie Read from Kobobooks and Save 30% Off

30% off indie reads at Kobobooks

Some of the most famous authors are widely known and celebrated across the world for their books. Take a break from the popular books and discover a new indie read thanks to Kobobooks. For a limited time, you can save 30% off select indie reads that have dominated in their niche and can be yours to flip through at a discounted price.

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Kobo ItemThe book featured on the left by Sylvia McNicoll, Candy.Crush.Corpse, stood out to me because of the title and its cover. The story is about a girl who has to do volunteer hours at an Alzheimer’s patients’ home and, over time, she gradually realizes how their lives are very similar. She then every effort to try and make them truly happy. Discover this read for $4.61 after the discount.

Another one that jumped out to me was Real Justice: Fourteen and Sentenced to Death by Bill Swan about the true story of Ontario resident Steven Truscott. He was convicted of murder at fourteen for a crime he didn’t commit and spent more than 40 years trying to prove his innocence. All of the reviews are positive and say how breathtaking and remarkable the story is. Add it your collection for $5.39 after the discount.

What are you going to pick up?

Pick up your New Favorite Read at Kobobooks and Save 30% Off

Save 30%at Kobobooks

Black Friday shopping is an insane undertaking for those of you who braved the crowds, did you by any chance manage to get your hands on a brand new Kobo eReader? Don’t miss out on another chance to save, by using this offer from Kobo: for a limited time, you can save 30% off a wide selection of titles for your nifty new gadget.

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It’s no secret that I love my Kobo eReader and since I make constantreferences to my adoration for it and take every chance I get to show it off to others. It definitely a nifty gadget that has made my daily commute go by so much faster.
Kobo books
From fantasy to horror and even romance to 50 Shades of Grey–that truly does fit in its own category–there really is a book for everyone. I dare you to find one that you wouldn’t want to dive head first into.

Do you have an eReader of your own? How much do you love it? Let me know! After all, eReaders are a great way to reduce the cost of reading.

Pick up the Anne Rice Romance Novel ‘Claiming of Sleeping Beauty’ for 80% off

80% off The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Come on ladies, admit it: you’ve either read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy or have flirting with the idea of picking it up. There are other options out there, if you want to pick up a different read, like Anne Rice’s book “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty”. It’s a darker version of the tale of the children’s tale Sleeping Beauty and for today only, it’s 80% off at Kobobooks.

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Sleeping Beauty

Forget that classic image you have of your lovable fairy tale character; Anne Rice takes that innocent image and shoots it out the window. The famous author of Interview with the vampire puts a more romantic twist on this classic tale and, from reading reviews, it’s a lot darker than the story you tell your kids. For one day only, this book drops from $12.99 to $2.99 and, at that price, you can’t go wrong. Think of it like a replacement for 50 Shades of Grey and you’ll enjoy it.

Are you planning on picking it up?

Pick up a New Book; Save up to 30% Off on Select Titles at Kobobooks

Up to 30% off at Kobobooks

A few weeks ago, I had wrote about how I got a Kobo eReader. Since then, I have been heavily addicted to the Kobobooks site and have been checking their selection almost daily. Our very own Kobobooks coupon page should be the next step before you buy your new ebook, on that note I saw that Anne had added new codes to save up to 30% off on select titles a couple of days ago and as this is a long weekend you may want to use one now to wile away the time with a book before heading back to work.

There are two codes, both for different sections of the site.

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Book at KobobooksThere’s plenty of romance novels in the bestseller section if you’re looking to fill the void left when you finished reading 50 Shades of Grey.

I went on the hunt for a good fiction novel and I discovered The Pawn by Steven James. The storyline is somewhat similar to the first season of Dexter, where he’s being left clues by a serial killer that’s always one step ahead of the law. It’s a crime novel, but it seems to go in a different direction than most.

The book is already reduced to $6.15 and, since it’s a bestseller the 25% can be applied to make it go down to $5.23. For the chance to read a good book, I’ll take it.