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Summer isn’t over yet! Add a couple more books to your reading list and save up to 70% off select eBooks at Kobobooks this week-end. With books to be had for just $4.99, there’s definitely something for everyone!

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The Year of the FloodAs one of Canada’s greatest writers, Margaret Atwood has and continues to inspire many with her poignant tales, which she encapsulates in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction alike. Her most recent book, The Year of the Flood, has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best books of the year by big names in the industry such as The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, The New Yorker and others. The story focuses on two women who have survived a man-made epidemic that has destroyed human life.

Armstrong's ThirteenIn contrast, Thirteen: A Women of the Otherworld Novel is another read that might interest many, especially in the wake of the Twilight and True Blood obsession. As the last and thirteenth book in a long series entitled The Women of the Otherworld penned by Kelley Armstrong, the book promises countless unexpected twists and turns as witches, sorcerers, vampires and other mythical creatures struggle to fit in within modern society.

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Big Savings at Kobobooks.com: Up to 80% Off Bestsellers and Harlequin Books

KoboBooks 80% Off Bestsellers

When it comes to saving money on books, eBooks are one of the best and easy ways to do so. Even better is that with millions of books at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost, Kobobooks facilitates the process of discovering and being able to afford new reads, especially with discount such as their most recent one offering shoppers 80% off bestsellers.

In case you don’t have one yet, be sure to pick up a Kobo Arc eReader, which on top of running smoothly for anyone’s book reading needs, it also includes a colorful resolution, incredible sound and a front-facing camera.

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Katy Evans' RealWith over 16,000 electrifying reviews, Katy Evans’ Real is definitely going on my must-read bookshelf even though the synopsis is rather vague:

A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition…

Though originally priced at $4.15, the above coupon reduces it to a mere 83 cents and with overwhelmingly positive reviews stating that this novel deserves a million stars instead of just five, the price is more than incredible!

Dave Chilton's The Wealthy Barber ReturnsUndoubtedly, good financial planning is one of the keys to success and books such as Dave Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber has been hailed as one of the best personal finance books as it presents easy to understand information in the digestible form of a story about a father getting advice from a barber.

Though unlike his 1989 book, Chilton has followed up the series with a second book: The Wealthy Barber Returns. While it’s unnecessary to read the first one in order to enjoy this one, it’s certainly worth at least a glance through, especially since it has been praised as better.

Can’t get enough of Harlequin novels? Our Kobobooks store page also has a coupon to save 75% off Harlequin titles.

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Free Download of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code with Kobobooks – Tom Hanks Not Included

Free Da Vinci Code Download

It’s rare that truly great freebies roll around and Kobo’s one is definitely falling into the exception category as for a very brief period of time, Chapters’ section dedicated to ereading is offering readers the chance to download The Da Vinci Code in an electronic format for absolutely free. Whether you have already read it or are simply curious with regards to what all the fuss is about, it’s definitely worth a download, especially since it won’t require a trip to the checkout lane.

Basically revolving around the murder investigation performed by a symbologist, Robert Langdon, who pairs with a cryptographer, The Da Vinci Code focuses on the controversial Holy Grail legend along with Mary Magdalene’s role in Christianity’s history.

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Dan Brown infernoWhile the majority of people are familiar with The Da Vinci Code, especially in its big screen format starring Tom Hanks, not many are aware that Angels & Demons was actually the first in the series. Not only that, but The Da Vinci Code was also followed with The Lost Symbol, another highly worthy read.

As such, it’s no surprise that Dan Brown has continued the series with his upcoming 4th book, Inferno, which can be pre-ordered both in hardcover format as well as digitally.

Even better is that all of the Dan Brown books mentioned within this post will allow for the chance to save money given that you can save $5 on orders of $30 or more.

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Get 50% off the New York Times Bestselling Romance Books at Kobo

Kobo NYT Romance

Enjoy the last stretch of the summer with some new romance titles at Kobo. They are currently offering 50% off romance titles from some of the bestselling authors from the New York Times. And from what they told us, fans of Robyn Carr, Nora Roberts and Susan Mallery should really appreciate these books. For more KoboBooks offers you know where to head.

This promotion lasts until the 9th of September so you don’t have to rush to buy the ebooks now. You can take time to read the reviews of the books instead to see if they might be of interest to you or not.

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I’m not a big fan of romance books, in fact I think I’ve never even read one! So I did some research about this intriguing world and here are a few facts that I found on ehow.com:

  • Half of the books printed and distributed in North America are romance novels
  • They come in hundreds of different themes including Christian, vampire, cowboy, futuristic, medical, single parents, etc.
  • It is a misconception to think that the stories are old fashioned and that the female characters are all virgins–wow!
  • They are the most popular type of fiction book and are now popular in 120 countries.

Be a Young Adult Again and Save 75% off at Kobobooks

75% off Young Adult

If you missed your chance to take advantage of the 75% off young adult fiction that was listed on our Kobobooks page, you’re in luck! Its been released again for a second time for more savings!

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Even if I’m considered out of the ‘young adult’ category, I still enjoy some of the books listed. By quickly browsing some of the top bestsellers at the moment, I noticed there were a ton of fantasy themed novels like The Awakening from the Darkest Powers trilogy. I have a friend that keeps going on and on about this book and how awesome it is; I think I might just pick it up. Just because Kobo thinks that the books are for young adults it doesn’t mean they are only for the youngsters, it’s more like this is a starting age—I say this to justify my own passion for popcorn-esc books.

Pile of booksKeep in mind, however, that some publishers have restrictions on certain books; hence why sometimes you can’t apply a code to it. Out of over 6000 titles to choose from, however, you should be able to find a great book to read…. or three.