Free Pack of Kleenex

kleenex.comSorry, but it looks like this promotion is not available anymore.

Send a free pack of Kleenex to a friend or one of your family members to share the Kleenex softness. This is a pretty good freebie, but the only problem is that their website is really slow. So, you will need a bit of patience to enjoy this freebie. I’m not sure if that’s because they do get a lot of traffic, so you might want to hurry up. You will need to go online and to enter a sender information (don’t put your address if you want to be the one receiving the pack of Kleenex) and then enter the details of the receiver with a personalized message. And you should receive your free pack in the next 14 following days. So right on time for the cold and flu season.

Send someone’s a free pack of Kleenex