Free $5 Gas Card from Kellogs

Kelloggs cereals are running a promotion that hs been brought back a few times now. And it’s a special one as instead of focusing on children it has some real value to adults.

So the deal is for a free 5 dollar Gas Card. You will find them in specially marked boxes of Kelloggs cereals. The deal is for a free $5 pre-paid Gas Card or a chance to win $500 in cash for Gas. A mail in form and a pin code will be printed inside all participating products which means you simply wait 6-8 weeks for your free pre-paid gas card to arrive. Apparently you can redeem it at any Canadian gas retailer who accepts major pre-paid gift cards. There is a limit of 5 cards per household and you can send in 3 entries in the same envelope.

Products available for this promo:
● Corn Pops* cereal: 515 g
● Froot Loops* cereal: 580 g
● Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal: 680g
● Mini-Wheats* Brown Sugar Flavor cereal: 850 g
● Rice Krispies* cereal: 700 g
● Mini-Wheats* Original cereal: 850 g

The mail-in forms must be postmarked no later then December 31st, 2012 and the gas cards themselves expire on March 31st, 2013.

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Free Canada Storybook With Purchase

RiceKrispies.caAnother cereal promotion for you today. This time it’s for RiceKrispies (from Kellogs). Find specially marked boxed of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal that contain a code that can be redeemed online for a free copy of the Oh, Canada! children’s storybook.

The Oh, Canada childrens book was written by Per-Henrik Gurth and features educational information on the flags, trees, flowers, and birds of the Canadian provinces.

Once you find your unique pin code inside the box use it at their website to get a copy of the book, hopefully it will be sent to you within 6-10 weeks. There are no additional charges for shipping and handling.

This promo expires on October 22 (and also while quantities last there are 60,000 Oh, Canada! books available).

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