Kashi Bar

Free Kashi Bar: Not a Facebook Freebie!

KashiThis is not a Facebook freebie! Finally it looks like not all companies are interested in doing Facebook giveaways (I think Joe A, one of our members will like this one), as Kashi is currently running an offer for all Canadians to get a free Kashi bar. Nothing is indicated about limited quantities available or an expiry date, but if I was you I wouldn’t wait too long to fill in the request form and order your freebie.

Get your free Kashi bar

This is funny as I tried Kashi granola bars for the first time last week. They are made out of healthy ingredients and are really filling. I think that they taste good and I’m probably going to buy some more. Give it a try, it’s worth it. And it’s not more expensive than ‘supersweet’ granola bars. Who says that eating healthy was expensive?