Buy Apple iPad in Canada

iPad Canada

At long last you can now buy the iPad in Canada! All the apple stores and even the apple Canada online store (store.apple.com/ca/).

Here is the low down. Currently the 16GB iPad is on sale for $549 and the 64GB model is on sale for $879. I don’t see why you would need anything higher than the 16GB model however as books don’t take up much space in terms of memory. I have a 8GB itouch which I love and it’s still not full.

Possibly the most annoying part about the iPad, like so many other Apple products is that they don’t play Flash media. So customers have been unable to play a lot of videos, while online video providers are coming up with compatible video formats for the iPad there are still lots that you can’t see. You can see YouTube videos but not some daily motion or facebook videos, I can’t wait until I can watch MegaVideo videos on the iPad, when that day comes I will buy one instantly so I can watch movies etc online.

I really want to be able to sit outside with my morning coffee and read the news, I especially like the BBC news on the ipad it looks awesome, and I will save on paper and get more up to date news.

Customers also have the option of buying a 3G plan and a 3G enabled iPad. if you don’t know what this is it is basically mobile internet which is amazing, but you do have to pay a monthly fee and the actual iPad’s are more expensive.

→ Click here to buy an Apple iPad in Canada

This is what the iPad can do:

1) Surf the web
2) Email
3) Watch video
4) Manage photos
5) Listen to music
6) Play games
7) Reed ebooks
8) Look at Maps
9) Write, read and create spread sheet
10) Use numerous apps, which allows you to do pretty much anything
11) More……
12) With the new NetFlix Canada App you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows from your NetFlix.ca account

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