Free iögo Greko Yoghurt (a $7 value)

Now this is a company that kind of came out of nowhere about a year ago. Now they are dominating most grocery store’s yoghurt shelves. One of the main reasons for their success (IMHO) is due to their aggressive marketing campaigns. Quite often I see a discount on this brand at the store. I’m one of those who chooses my yoghurt based on promotion (and therefore price), so I quite often have this brand in my fridge–who doesn’t love granola with yoghurt? So while I was claiming this coupon for myself, I thought other people might like it too. So here it is, a facebook coupon for a free iögo Greko Yoghurt, a rough value of just under $7 at the store apparently.

Note: Users must ‘like’ the offer, from there they are redirected to Websaver where they need to have an existing account in order to print the coupon off. From there, the coupon will be mailed out. No idea on the expiry date of this coupon, as it is not listed.

Enjoy a free iögo Greko Yoghurt by liking their Facebook offer.

Keep an Eye Open for Iogo (Yogurt) Coupons; Savings Up to $4

Have you seen the ads for the new brand of yogurt called Iogo? Their pretty funky logo can now be seen on billboards across the city here. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but with coupons already now being released, I sure will soon.

We just got our hands on a $0.75 coupon for any Iogo product which is listed on We’re not sure when it’ll be available until, so it might be safer to use it now. Also, some of our users told us that they spotted coupons in newspapers for discounts that go up to $4. So you better keep an eye open on your local newspaper to see if you can spot any.

Let us know what exact discount you were able to get? And also if you like the yogurt or not?

Iogo Coupon