Interview with a couponer

Interview with a Couponer: Derek’s Couponing Approach and some Hard Lessons he Learned along the way

In the first part of this interview, we talked to Derek about how he got started into the world of couponing and his reasons behind it. With his collection and dedication spanning over two years, he’s learned a thing or three firsthand and has accumulated a few stories along the way. It’s a lot harder and takes a huge amount of dedication if you want to be successful in your endeavors to save money, and Derek tells us all about it.
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Interview with a Couponer: An Introduction to the World Of Coupons and How to Get Started

Derek Kenny, a friend of mine for years and a local bartender, revealed to me a secret passion and hobby of his that I was pleasantly surprised to find out about; he was a big couponer. He is an avid collector who never leaves home without his coupon binder in hand. When he found out I started writing for Vouchercodes, we immediately bonded and now share tips and coupons with one another, and I found he was full of useful tips and tricks. He also helped me start my very own coupon binder.
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