Celebrate Family Day at Ikea and Have your Child Eat for Free

I have to admit that I have only recently discovered the many food options at Ikea and how tastefully addicting they are. It’s inexpensive and a delight on the pallet with a wide sensation of flavors bursting burst in your mouth all at once. Treat your child to a free meal on February 11th, 2013 and introduce them to this culinary surprise.

Until 11am on this day, any child under the age of 12 will eat for free from the kids menu. While not every province observes Family Day, call ahead to your local Ikea to see if they are participating in the nice little freebie.

Find more about Ikea Canada here

The Ikea Kitchen Event is Back; Receive Up to 20% Back in Gift Cards

IKEA Kitchen Event

The IKEA Kitchen Event is back until the 28th of October. This means that you could redo your whole kitchen and get up to 20% back in IKEA gift cards. Or if you prefer, you can always decide to use your IKEA credit card and you won’t have to pay for 12 months.

This is how it works: receive 10% back in gift cards on your entire purchase, receive 15% back in gift cards on the purchase of 1 or 2 appliances or get 20% back in gift cards when buying 3 or more appliances. The offer doesn’t include custom counter tops, delivery and installation.

Browse the IKEA kitchen event flyer
Expires: 18th October, 2012

Funny KitchenI think that IKEA makes some really nice kitchens that can be quite affordable, especially during the kitchen event they run annually since you’ll get at least 10% back in gift cards. Allowing you to get more kitchen accessories and decor items to complete your renovation project.

Maybe after the renovation of a kitchen, some people will actually want to sleep in it! (it’s such a cool image)

Hurry! Get an Amazing Roasting Pan for 60% off at Ikea

Ikea Roasting Pan

A little while ago, my roommate made this delicious Beer Can Chicken that was super moist and tender. He also has an arsenal of kitchen items, including a roasting pan, but you can never have enough according to him. So my roommate and Vouchercodes fan Shaun passed along this deal for Ikea where you can pick up a Koncis Roasting Pan with grill rack for 60% off at $9.99 at Ikea.

Visit Ikea and find out more
Expires: 30th September, 2012

Koncis Pan Before you turn your nose up at purchasing yet another kitchen item, take a look at this link for 16 easy recipes with roasting pans. It really is a one-pan cooking tool and can help cut your prep time in half.

It’s available in stores and online as well, but there’s a maximum of two per customer.

Sleep In; Get 15% Back in Ikea Gift Cards During the Bedroom Event

Ikea bedroom Event

Make sure to schedule yourself a nap every once in a while, but don’t be caught snoozing during the Ikea Bedroom event. Right now, when you buy a bed frame of any size, you’ll get either 15% back in Ikea gift cards or have the option to not pay anything for 6 months on your Ikea credit card. So hit that pesky snooze button an extra time, slowly wake yourself up by heading to our Ikea Canada page and then make your way over to your local store.

Shop the Bedroom Event at Ikea
Expires: 9th September, 2012

Fantasy BedroomKeep in mind that the following prices are just an approximate and could vary, but here’s an idea of what you could get back in gift cards if you were buying a queen size frame:

Keep in mind that this offer excludes sofa beds, futons and cribs or cots. I’ve been looking into getting a new bed frame, so I’ll be planning a visit to Ikea in the near future.

The 2013 Ikea Catalog has Landed for your Viewing Pleasure

2013 Ikea Catalog

What’s this that has made its grand entrance? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the new 2013 Ikea Catalog and it’s filled with tons of items and design ideas for your viewing pleasure. Best of all is that prices are fixed for nearly a year, so let your expectations be managed.

Check out the New 2013 Catalog here
Expires: July 30th 2013

2013 Ikea mazeEven if you’re not a fan of Ikea, flipping through their huge book is always neat and filled with wonderful ideas. Truthfully, I had never visited Ikea before recently and was taken aback by how huge they are. I wasn’t expecting to get lost in a maze of showrooms and to find myself making a small wish list of things I would like to buy. The whole concept of Ikea is still hugely different to all stores I have ever been in and I can see why the restaurant is so popular with prices like those.

The printed version of the book is not available to order yet, but all 328 pages of it are posted online at their site to tempt your creative sides.