Celebrate Family Day at Ikea and Have your Child Eat for Free

I have to admit that I have only recently discovered the many food options at Ikea and how tastefully addicting they are. It’s inexpensive and a delight on the pallet with a wide sensation of flavors bursting burst in your mouth all at once. Treat your child to a free meal on February 11th, 2013 and introduce them to this culinary surprise.

Until 11am on this day, any child under the age of 12 will eat for free from the kids menu. While not every province observes Family Day, call ahead to your local Ikea to see if they are participating in the nice little freebie.

Find more about Ikea Canada here

Get Organized with 50% Off Skubb Organizers from Ikea

Sale at Ikea

Do you have plans this weekend? If so, do they include a trip to your local Ikea store? You’re in luck if you are planning on one; save 50% on 5 compartment organizers this weekend only. They are easy to use and easy to look at as well and, for the price, easy on the wallet to boot. Instead of $8.99, they are $4.99 each, a bargain if ever there was one.

This deal is available in-stores only, but if you’d rather something online, make sure to check out our Ikea Canada coupon page.

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Expires: 16th September, 2012

Dream Closet We can’t all have a dream walk-in closet, unfortunately, but there‚Äôs no reason we can’t make improve the ones we already have!

These organizers are designed to hang in a closet, but could easily hang wherever you have a bar available to hook it onto. It could house whatever you’d like, from clothes to extra linens to shoes. I had a friend house her footwear in one of these gadgets and it saved a ton of space in her cupboard. There are 3 different colors for all your design needs.

There is a limit of two per customer, so recruit friends to join you if you’d like more.

The 2013 Ikea Catalog has Landed for your Viewing Pleasure

2013 Ikea Catalog

What’s this that has made its grand entrance? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the new 2013 Ikea Catalog and it’s filled with tons of items and design ideas for your viewing pleasure. Best of all is that prices are fixed for nearly a year, so let your expectations be managed.

Check out the New 2013 Catalog here
Expires: July 30th 2013

2013 Ikea mazeEven if you’re not a fan of Ikea, flipping through their huge book is always neat and filled with wonderful ideas. Truthfully, I had never visited Ikea before recently and was taken aback by how huge they are. I wasn’t expecting to get lost in a maze of showrooms and to find myself making a small wish list of things I would like to buy. The whole concept of Ikea is still hugely different to all stores I have ever been in and I can see why the restaurant is so popular with prices like those.

The printed version of the book is not available to order yet, but all 328 pages of it are posted online at their site to tempt your creative sides.