IdeaPaint Free Sample

IdeaPaint Free Sample

idea paintingJust what every parent and big kid wants; some paint to paint or draw on the walls with that will actually come off. And now you get to try it for free with our Ideal Paint free sample.

This is the perfect opportunity to let kids paint or draw on the wally and express their ‘creativity’ in their bedroom. The paint works on loads of stuff from toy boxes to walls.

Parents can even use it to keep lists, make appointments and do all sorts of fun stuff. It’s super cute to elave messages for other people this way.

When you go to their site make sure that you check off “Yes! Please send me a dry sample of IdeaPaint”

Click here to get your free Idea paint

The product you get a free sample of is called CRE-8. This is the kind of stuff you always see on CSI and Math genius films.

“CRE-8 is a water-borne paint and is available in 8 exciting colors. IdeaPaint CRE is high performing, easy to install and is backed by a 10-year warranty. CRE-8 is available in kits that cover 50 sq. ft. of surface. To determine the number of kits you need, multiply the height x width of the areas you want to cover.”

idea paint example