Ice Cream

Visit Marble Slab and Get Free Cone Upgrades and More

Are you a Marble Slab fanatic? Are you entranced by their mixin’s and delicious flavors? Right now, they have partnered up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and are supporting them in a big, big way! They are selling paper cones in store for a $1 and all the proceeds go straight to the foundation. As a bonus, they also have two awesome printable coupons for a limited time.

The first printable coupon is for when you buy a medium or large ice cream or yogurt, you’ll get upgraded for free to a premium waffle cone. The second printable is a neat deal perfect for families: Enjoy 2 medium and 2 small ice cream cones and you’ll get them for only $15.

Both coupons are valid until September 3rd, as well as the donation drive for the program. I encourage you to support them in every way possible!

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