Catch the Tooth Fairy with a Free Picture of her and your Sleeping Child

The tooth fairy is still fluttering around leaving dollars and dimes to little munchkins when they lose their teeth. It’s always a milestone and a celebration with the first tooth that falls; so why not be frugal and save by giving your tot a picture of them with the tooth fairy herself? What makes this even more spectacular is that you can get it for free.

Tooth FairyThis is a site I’ve never heard of before, but it’s quite simple to use. Upload a picture of your child and then select which fairy you would like added to the picture. From there, you can change the position, size, color and a bunch of other different options. You then have the option to either print out on your own printer or save it on your computer. Use the code below to get started on your free picture.

Now, if only that darned Tooth Fairy would actually deliver baby kittens…

Coupon: Use this code to get a picture of your child with the Tooth Fairy for free.