Human Touch’s iJoy Board

Balance Board Trainer Deal

Balance Board I found this amazing deal on a Balance Board Trainer at Hammacher Schlemmer. You can now get one for $359.95. I am kind of upset about finding such a low price now, since I have bought this type of trainer this summer trying to get in shape for the snowboarding season. When I bought this machine it was around $500, so if you do the math it’s about $140 more than the deal from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Click Here to Buy your Balance Board Trainer

I know this thing kind of looks weird, but it does exercise muscles that are hard to reach like oblique and core abdominal muscles while improving balance and coordination without leaving the comfort of your home. Look it up, the little video is quite funny too. The precise name of the device is the Human Touch’s iJoy Board, shop around you probably won’t find this product at such a low price elsewhere. If you do, please let me know.