HP Canning Kits

Free HP Canning Kits

HP Canning KitsThis promo needs a printer, so if you don’t have one then see if you can print them out at a friends house.

Now, not everyone cans, I remember doing it when I was young with my mother and my grandmother, but for the last few years it’s seemed to have lost alot of it’s allure. But apparently it’s making a return. So for all of those end of summer/fall caners out there you may just like this freebie. It’s for a free HP canning kit. Basically when you can something you need a label to know what’s in the can, this is where you normally write on pieces of paper. But you make spice these up with these HP images and fill-in-the-blank labels. The labels can be used for jams, preserves, jellies and more.

HP is offering free tags, labels, jar toppers, gift tags and more for both fruits and vegetables. Customers can download and print any of the available canning kits.

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